1. For real though.


  2. Every road trip needs a milkshake. #100happydays #day47


  3. I can’t believe it’s so close. 🇬🇧 #100happydays #day46


  4. If you were wondering, this is why I love @ddlovato. 💕 #warrior


  5. Surprise @ddlovato concert live stream on yahoo screen. It’s a good thing I finished all my homework early. 💗


  6. Gave my Susie and uncle Jason a campus tour today! Thanks for coming to see me!! 😊 #100happydays #day44


  7. Meow. #nashvillezoo


  8. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY @cameronselah!!!!! 🎉🎁🎊🎂I hope you have the very best day today! Enjoy the rest of the time you have in LA! (But I can’t wait until you come back to Tennessee) We became friends over Christmas break, right before you up and left for Belmont West, so enjoy the stalker pictures I took of you on the Grammy’s red carpet! Love you girl! You’re gonna take the world by storm! I can’t wait to see you this summer! ❤️
    According to Mr. Styles, your birthday is on the anniversary of the creation of One Direction, so there’s that. 😉


  9. It’s gonna be a FILMtastic semester!! 🎥 #fall2014 #100happydays #day41


  10. Happy TBT to sophomore year protocol and national sibling day to the kid who knows not to take life to seriously!